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About Hip Scores


A majority of dogs suffer some degree of hip dysphasia. When you take a dog to be hip scored it will be sedated, placed on its back and its back legs will be pulled back for an x-ray to be taken, the x-ray will then be sent off to the BVA (British Veterinary Association) to be scored.


The left and right hips have 9 different angles which are given a score, each angle is scored 0-6, 0 being a good score. The angle scores are then totalled for each side (left and right). Best score being 0/0 = 0, worst score being 53/53 = 106.


Note - Buying a puppy from a breeder who has not only hip scored the parents but each parent has a low score, the sire (male) has a hip score of 5/6 = 11 and the dam (female) has 6/3 = 9. This doesn’t guarantee that your puppy will have good hip scores. The litter could have 1, 2 or even 3 pups with bad hips. So please do not presume that just because the parents had fabulous scores that your puppy will follow as you could have picked the puppy which did not inherit good hips.


Also - A dog’s movement can be deceiving, he may look like he glides and could have good hips, when in fact he has bad hips, he can even have a high hip score and never have any problems.


Another point - The B.V.A. only requires the dam (female) Dogue De Bordeaux to be hip scored prior to being bred. If the dam is hip scored after whelping, the dam might have a high hip score. This could be due to the way the dam has delivered her pups.